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Kratom Vendors

I found this site after searching the web for more than an hour, in determination to find a vendor I can trust. I like Kratom capsules, they are easy to carry for my traveling needs. I used to buy from vendors who they claim that their capsules contains the same powder they sell. What a lie! I tested many of them, bought the same strain powder and same strain capsules, and compare with them when I got them.

No way, they are absolutely not the same. One time I bought different color strain capsules from a vendor, and I pulled capsules apart, just wanted to see the difference between them, but no luck, they looked exactly the same.

You just can’t trust these people. you need to do your own research; but with evergree tree, I ordered at least 5 different strains on capsules, red Vietnam, red bali, super green, white malay, and elephant, and I opened all of them on a piece of white paper, they are really, really different. So I know for sure, I am getting the real stuff. And the red Vietnam is superb good! make me very happy.

I think I have finally found a vendor I can rely on to give me the strain I order, not just a different label. I have bought from them 8 times now in 2 month, every time they deliver quickly with the correct strain and real strain I want. I highly recommend this vendor for anyone who is searching for a trusted vendor.

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