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Rewards and Discounts

kratom discount code, Rewards and Discounts, Buy Kratom Online - the evergreen tree |, Buy Kratom Online - the evergreen tree |

Our Kratom Discount Code/kratom coupon code:

  • firsttime15; if this is your first time buying with us, we offer you a 15% discount ( you may use this code for first 3 times)
  • email15;  if you create an account/subscribe our newsletters and receive our email , you will receive a 15% discount
  • veteran25; if you are a veteran, or current military service member, we offer 25% discount on your order ( veteran ID proof required)

kratom discount code/kratom coupon code below is permanent

  • 59-139; spend $59-$139, you will receive 10% discount
  • 140-272; spend $140-$272 you will receive 15% discount
  •  272plus; spend $272 or more you will receive 20% discount
  • return10; return customers always get at least 10% discount

Our Kratom Reward Program

Besides the kratom discount code/kratom coupon code, you may also earn points through many activities through our kratom reward program. You earn 10 x points while making a purchase, and 500 points for signing up/creating an account, or leave a kind comment/review. You also earn 500 points for referring us to a friend, or post our products link in your social media. And these kratom discount code/kratom coupon code is permanent. And you may redeem your points next time you make a purchase, your entire product cart could be totally free! You may also join our affiliate program to make some extra money on the side, just sign up and get a url link, post it on your website, social media. When someone else make a purchase through this link, you get the credit. For more details please read our affiliate program

To redeem points: ONLY on your desktop or tablet (phone won’t work), click “View Cart”, then enter points there in your Cart! Not recommended to generate a coupon, which is not combined to use with other coupons.

Our kratom discount code/kratom coupon code is the best in the industry. No other vendors offer such generous discounts. And some don’t offer it at all. With our discounts, all buyers can find the best way to shop with us. However these programs are subject to change from time to time, take the advantage now when you have it!

Kratom Atkratom discount code, Rewards and Discounts, Buy Kratom Online - the evergreen tree |, Buy Kratom Online - the evergreen tree |It's Best
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