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About Us

Buy kratom online from trusted best kratom vendor online and kratom enthusiasts . After buying kratom and using kratom from other kratom online vendors, we thought there is so much to improve in this industry. From consistency of the product, the packaging, shipping and payment… all can be improved. So we become kratom vendor online and  started our own business. We offer kratom capsules, powder, liquid, tinctures and extracts! We have found the original farmers and the company representing them, and build a close relationship with them. By importing directly from Indonesia, we as best kratom vendor online have ensured the products are original, natural, high quality and premium. See our farmers modern process HERE. Then we test every batch of our products when they get into US, with 3rd party lab, to ensure the safety and quality of the products and the minimum level of alkaloid of 1.7%. See our home page.

We are based out in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our staff are friendly and eager to help, they are professionals in this business, and they know your needs and willing to fulfill. We offer the best packaging in the country for all our kratom powder, capsules, liquid, tinctures and extracts products, because we value our products. And at the same time we offer the most competitive and affordable pricing for the highest quality products in the world. (see our Reward and Discounts) For most products, We offer 30 day money back guarantee. (see Return Policy)We want you to know that you have nothing to lose to buy from us, and only get the best products and best price. So buy kratom form us!

Our Kratom Vendor Online Wholesale and Drop Ship Program

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We offer Kratom powder and capsules wholesale and drop ship as well as online retail. Any website, physical store, smoke shop, etc. wish to carry our products, are welcomed to contact us for pricing and special arrangement.

  • Kratom powder in its raw form bulk by Kilogram, all 24 strains
  • Kratom capsules bulk by count, all 24 strains
  • packed in jars or bottles with our label
  • with your own private label
  • without label
  • packed in bags (inner and outer) with your own private label
  • or without label

Our Kratom Vendor Online affiliate program

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Our kratom affiliate program offers high commission up to 30% commission per sale.

If your website joins our affiliate program, we guarantee that you will get paid, and we both thrive. We will handle all the logistics, from importing, storage, inventory management and order processing. With our top of the line products, best quality kratom and best packaging in the market, and professional logistics service, we are going to all benefit from this business. So if you are interested, please feel free to contact us, join our best kratom vendor online affiliate program and we will set this up.

We will pay the commission once a month, with direct bank transfer, cashier’s check or regular check, or almost any payment form you like.

We are looking forward to become partners with your websites!

Our Kratom Vendor Packaging and Fulfillment Service Program 

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We also do packaging service and fulfillment service for all kratom sellers. Any kratom seller needs this type of service. please feel free to contact us. We handle importing, storage, packaging and order fulfillment and inventory management, all your selling needs.


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