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Kratom Extracts

Buy our kratom extracts!  They are made from pure leaf powder. Some are water based, and some are alcohol/ethanol based. We offer from 10x up to 50x extracts concentration. Some are smoothed, look like powder; some are in beautiful crystal form. And we have 3 different colors on extracts to choose from. Now, we like to clear a myth. Buying 20x kratom extracts, they are made from 20 kilo powder to 1 kilo extracts, YES. But it does not mean it has 20 times the alkaloids/Mitragyna. Because during the making process, some ingredients gets lost. Kratom vendor who claims their extracts contains 10% or even 20% of alkaloid level, without 3rd party test certificates, is just simply being dishonest with buyers. We test our extract product with 3rd party lab with test certificate, and let buyer know what the level of alkaloids/Mitragyna it contains. so buyer can make better decisions.

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