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Kratom Literature

Here we have selected some kratom literature online. From these articles, you may learn more about kratom from the following literature online. Also see our “Kratom Guide“. These kratom litereature are from someone else’s perspective, so please understand that we may or may not 100% agree with these authors. And posting these kratom literature does not mean that we are recommending kratom for human consumption. However, from these kratom litereature, we can definately learn at least what other people are saying about kratom. Hopefully that will help you find your answer about kratom here. also read more about us.

The Kratom Online Literature

Why is it important to know the potency?

first of all, not all kratom are same or equal. according to our labs, the average potency in US is about 1.2-1.4%, Only 2 out of 100, tested above 1.8%, and 10 out of 100 tested above 1.6%. and we have seen kratom tested below 1%, and kratom has almost no alkaloid in it! so when deciding how much you should take, it is not just about how many grams of powder, you need to know the potency. Kratom is like other supplement, the dosage depends on the potency. The way to measure its potency is the percentage of the key ingredients of kratom, the mitragyine, or alkaloids. You better know the potencey of kratom before using, same way as you take other supplements. For example, when you take any other supplement, you like to know how much to take with each pill or cap, depends on the contents. Let’s says vitamin C, the common recommendation for vitamin C is 1000mg daily, so you need to know how much the pill contains, so you can take accordingly, there are 500mg pills, and 1000mg pills on the market, so you buy and take one of 1000mg daily, or you need to take 2 of the 500mg, and you need 4 pills if it is 250mg each. another example, Tylenol, they have regular strength and extra strength, the regular strength contains the key ingredients of Acetaminophen 325mg, the extra strength contains Acetaminophen 500mg. and you can take accordingly depends on your need while knowing the strength, Without knowing the potency, and take blindly, could be not effective, or even dangerous. Kratom is no different. If you don’t take enough, it is not going to be effective, or get the effects that you are looking for, or taking too much, it could be dangerous. Overdose will shoot up the tolerance quickly, and you could end up in the hospital. American kratom association requires participants to disclose this potency info on every product, as a basic standard in fight of keeping kratom legal. Yet most vendors are not doing  so. You should avoid these vendors, and avoid buying unknown strength kratom. We at the evergreen tree, test every batch of raw material we receive, and produce the final product with consistent mitragynine percentage, so buyers have a guidance on how much to use. We also have a strength conversion chart on our website, to show the difference in each level of strength in grams and caps. Although the personal dosage still depends on individual’s needs, and it varies in a wild range among users, but once you find out how many mg of alkaloids you need each time, then things will be easy from there. Obviously, with lower strength, you need to take more, and with higher ones you only need to take less. 1.5-1.7% means there are 15-17mg of mitragynine in 1 gram of powder; 1.8-2% means there 18-20mg of mitragynine in 1 gram of powder… If you take 5 grams of 1.5%, and it works well for you, that means your proper dosage is about 75mg of mitragynine; and that will equal to about 4.17 gram of kratom with 1.8%; once you know this, you will not take less and not working, and get frustrated, or take too much to shoot up your tolerance, and easily figure out the proper dosage when switching products on different strength.

the difference between a kratom vendor and kratom manufacturer

a kratom vendor is a vendor selling kratom online or in a store, they buy and sell; when they receive a good batch, they are selling good kratom; when they receive a not so good batch, then they sell not so good kratom. a kratom manufacturer is a vendor who buys raw material and produce kratom products, not just pack them, they produce! they produce capsules, extracts, in powder and liquid form, and of course, regular powder. with the right knowledge, equipment and tools, they are able to control the quality of the kratom products, and make the natural powder better quality with higher key ingredients, so kratom will be more effective. This is not to add foreign substances. There are altered kratom out there on US market, be very aware of that!  If you feel your kratom is making you feel so good, like a magic, same as something else, ALERT!  Maybe you are taking something else! kratom is a natural product, imported from indonisia, often from a farmer. the quality is very difficult to control, region from region, farmer from farmer, sometimes good, sometimes not so good, it depends on many factors, including climate, weather, soil condition, water supply and mainly farmer’s practice. kratom imported from Indonesia, sometimes it is contaminated, sometimes has very little or none key ingredients, the mitragynine, or alkaloids. it is up to the manufacturer first to test the raw material. there are 3 tests needs to be done,
  • Biological : about APC/Coliforms, Samonella, E. coli, Staphylococcus and Yeast/Mold
  • Heavy Metal: about Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury and Nickel
  • Identify/Quantify: about Alkaloid/Lactone identification, Alkaloid/Kavalactone Percentage, and Alkaloid/Lactone Lineup
first 2 tests are to make sure this kratom is safe to consume, 3rd test is about the content of the key ingredients, how much mitragynine it consist in it. without enough of it, it won’t have the effects you are looking for. in indonesia, they have laws banning sell kratom if it is below 1% of mitragynine, yet a lot of these kratom are imported to US, and some vendors are selling it. a good kratom manufacturer is able to improve the quality of the kratom, and make kratom more effective as it could be, improve its natural offering with knowledge and equipment, but not to altering it by adding foreign ingredients; we, the evergreen tree is one of such kratom manufacturer and vendor. we strongly encourage buyers to buy from a good manufactuer/vendor, not just a kratom merchant, who just merely buys and sells, and do not post any 3rd party lab results, or disclose mitragynine level info.

do kratom extracts shoot up your tolerance?

many people think it does, many online articles say so too. but actually it is not true. your tolerance will be shot up only when you take more alkaloid than you need, it does not matter it is extracts or regular powder/capsules. that is why it is so important to know and understand the potency when taking any kratom products. many articles suggest beginners start with 3-5 grams, and make adjustment from there. it may serve a general guideline, but dosage is always combined with potency, just saying amount of the powder is not enough. Not all kratom are same! just saying 3-5 grams is not accurate enough. 3 grams of 1%, and 3 grams of 2%, it is doubled dosage! if you take kratom blindly without knowing its potency, you probably take less than you need sometimes, and more than you need other times. and every time you take more than you need, it will shoot up your tolerance. and when you take extracts, especially when you don’t know the potency, chances are you are taking more than you need. that is what is happening, and why people think extracts will shoot up your tolerance quickly. but if you know the potency, and use it accordingly, only take equal amount of alkaloid, equivalent to the regular powder you usually take, it won’t shoot up your tolerance. for example, if your regular powder dosage is 5 grams with 1.8%, which contains 90mg of alkaloid; and now switching to 10% extracts, you should take 0.9 grams of it only, which contains same amount of 90mg alkaloid. this précised measurement and calculation will do you much better, allows you take full control of your dosage and tolerance. so please do yourself a favor, know the potency before taking it, and learn how to calculate the key ingredients, the alkaloid, when switching to different strength.  and most important of all, stop buying and taking kratom without knowing the potency! this is unimaginable in supplement industry, taking something without knowing how much key active ingredients in there. some vendor tells its customer, those numbers don’t mean nothing. can you say it to Tylenol? the regular strength contains the key ingredients of Acetaminophen 325mg, the extra strength contains Acetaminophen 500mg, these numbers don’t mean nothing? so please buy only from manufacturer/vendors who disclose mitra percentage info, and have the 3rd party lab test certificates!

Beware of altered kratom!

Is that possible a lower strength kratom works better for you than a higher strength kratom? Such as a kratom product with 1.3% mitra, works better than one with 1.8%, or 2.2%? The answer is NO! Absolutely not! Scientifically not possible!  Will a regular strength Tylenol work better than an extra strength Tylenol? Of course not, right? Same concept. But if you do feel more “effective”, when you take a lower strength kratom product, than a higher one; or only one brand of kratom works for you, no other brand works, you need to be very alert to ask a few questions. Is the mitra % info vendor disclosed accurate? or they don’t even let you know about it. why a vendor has high mitra, high quality kratom and would not advertise and let you know about it? And then the more serious question is: is the lower strength kratom altered? That means whether it is added with other substances. There are altered kratom on the market out there, we are not kidding! Be aware! You take kratom to get rid of something, but only hooked with something else. please do yourself a favor, Make sure the kratom you buy, and take, is 100% pure kratom! Nothing else! Kratom can only do what kratom can do, but if you feel some kratom is making you feel so good, like magic, same as something else, ALERT! Maybe you are taking something else!  That could be altered kratom, with other substances added to it! so many people are already messed up on that, being a victim on altered kratom, real kratom don’t work for them anymore! We are sending this message to raise the awareness of this issue in kratom community, making sure that you make the right choice on where to buy and what to buy!

The difference between Red, White and Green vein

the common knowledge about kratom is, red vein is more focused on pain relief, relaxing, sedation…white vein is more focused on energy boosting, mental focus an uplifting…green vein is somewhat more balanced, in the middle. and all good kratom should provide some sort of euphoric feelings. many people use white vein during the day, and red vein in the evening, and someone just prefers green vein any time. and also many sophisticated users, they can create their own blend, depends on their needs, and find the perfect mix for themselves. they add green to red, or add green to white, or vice versa, until they find the mix is perfect for them. you actually can do all kinds of experiment on the mixing/blending. and many strains are made this way any way, though different vendors have different formula of mixing/blending, to make different strains. there is really not much to it. and another thing you can do is mix kratom with different strength, to create a strength just perfect for yourself. for example, if you mix 1% and 2% kratom together, half and half, the result will be a 1.5% potency kratom. and depends on the mood, you can take lighter ones some times, and stronger ones other times. it is the whole world out there for you to explore!

What form of kratom works better in your body?

kratom has many different forms, powder is being the most popular, and then the capsules, tablets; tea, and other edible forms; and on extracts, there are liquid, powder, capsules and tablets. but which form works the best with our body? on regular powder products, we have to say the powder works the best, because it is easier for body to absorb and digest; capsule form is a close second; and tablet form will be a distant 3rd. why tablet is 3rd? because when tablets are made, you need to add other things to it, called excipients, to make the pill strong and hard, it binds everything together. and because of this, it takes longer time for your body to work through the hard solid tablet, so it will be slower reacting when you take a tablet. on extracts, the liquid form will be the best, easiest for body to absorb and digest, fastest to feel the effects; powder is 2nd, capsule a close 3rd, tablet is last. tea will be a good form, but it takes time to brew, why bother? just dissolve some powder and drink it! and it is going to be some waste when you brew the tea, and you can’t keep tea long.

Why higher potency product is better?

The dosage of kratom should be measured by the amount of key ingredients, the mitragynine/alkaloids, not the raw material that contains it. the raw powder are not the same or equal, it contains from nothing to 3%, just saying taking how many grams of raw powder is lying to your own body! The mitragyine/alkaloid is the ingredient makes kratom effective, the reason why people take kratom. but with even 2% mitragynine in kratom powder, it has other 98% of other stuff, which are not active ingredients, and does not provide much benefit to your body, and has nothing to do with the effects you looking for. for someone needs 80mg of mitragynine/alkaloid to achieve the desired effects, he needs to take 5.33 grams of powder with 1.5%, which contains only 15mg of  mitragynine/alkaloid in 1 gram of raw powder. in another word, he takes a lot more other stuff than the ingredients he really wants. to some, it is just a nuisance; but to many others, it is more than that, your body may not welcome those other stuff, and may cause body discomfort. for example, there is another kind of natural supplement, called “Resveratrol”, which is derived from grape seed and grape skin, and also has it in red wine. that promotes heart health and other benefits to human body. the common recommended dosage for that is 75mg daily, one tablet. easy right? but if you are to drink red wine in order to get 75mg of Resveratrol, you need to drink probably more than 10 bottle a day, and if you are to eat grapes instead, you need to eat probably hundreds of pounds per day, that makes it either impossible! Kratom is no different, using higher percentage raw powder or extracts is better and easier. however the higher percentage products come with a price, it is a personal choice, taking more or less raw powder to have the same key active ingredients. if taking more does not bother your body, then you have choices, but taking more is a problem for you, then higher percentage is the way to go.    


After reading these kratom litereature, you will learn the basics of kratom. Our kratom powders are 100% natural and original grown kratom in its raw form. They are  made from pure leaf, no stem or vein, imported directly from Indonesia.  And we absolutely do not add any additives. We guarantee they are the best quality in the market or your money back. And our powder products are safely and beautifully packed in food and drug compliant jar with inner liner. Please compare out products and what you read from these kratom litereature. And Our prices are very reasonable at 100 gram, 500 gram and 1000 gram(1Kg). Also please See our Gallery and featured products.


If you have read these kratom litereature, you will know what to expect from kratom products. Our kratom capsules are #00 size clear vegetarian capsules that contains 500mg the exactly the same kratom powder we sell in powder form, absolutely no additives of any kind. And our products are safely and beautifully packed in pharma-grade, food and drug compliant bottle and jar. Not to mention the prices are so reasonable, in 100 count, 400 count and 800 count. Please compare out products and what you read from these kratom litereature. We guarantee that they are the best in the market or your money back. Also see our Gallery.


These kratom litereature tells us, the people in kratom industry is the most important factor. We are reputable kratom veterans with a brand new website. We have not only improved our website, but also improved our packaging. Many people who shop with us are customers for life due to the top notch quality of our products, and we have large and fast growing customer base and reviews from tens of thousands of customers. Please compare our products and what you read from these kratom litereature ?
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