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Red Bali Kratom Powder

(57 customer reviews)


  • 100 % originally grown Red Bali
  • Packed in pharma-grade, food and drug compliant jar
  • It’s advisable to store your kratom product in a dry, cool and dark place, to ensure longer shelf life
  • 30 day and full money back guarantee
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Ingredeints: Mitragyna speciosa powder

Our Red Bali Kratom Powder products are:

  • 100 % originally grown Red Bali kratom
  • Packed in pharma-grade, food and drug compliant jar
  • It’s advisable to store your Red Bali kratom product in a dry, cool and dark place, to ensure longer shelf life
  • 30 day and full money back guarantee

Red Bali kratom actually grows in Borneo island, Indonesia, not Bali island. They are shipped out of from ports in Bali in the past, so it got its name. Red Bali kratom is most popular in red vein kratom, more popular than Red Thai, and has a mixture of Borneo and Sumatra. Our Red Bali kratom powder products are originally grown and finely ground, has highest quality, and professionally packed.


This Red Bali kratom Powder has not been approved by the FDA for human or animal use. The FDA has stated dangers about Kratom ingestion in humans. This product is packed and sold with no directions or intended use. Content on this page does not claim or intend to claim any verifiable or beneficial use in humans.

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100g 1.5-1.7% Alkaloid, 100g 1.8-2% Alkaloid, 100g 2.2-2.4% Alkaloid, 1Kg 1.5-1.7% Alkaloid, 1Kg 1.8-2% Alkaloid, 1Kg 2.2-2.4% Alkaloid, 400g 2.2-2.4% alkaloid, 500g 1.5-1.7% Alkaloid, 500g 1.8-2% Alkaloid

57 reviews for Red Bali Kratom Powder

  1. Monica

    This is my favorite red! It’s very relaxing, but it doesn’t make you that drowsy. It’s a great way to start getting ready for bed. Works great for pain.

  2. Harold Walker

    I have been sold on you guys for 6 years now. Quality product and fast shipping always. Thanks HAROLD WALKER

  3. Audrey Wedell

    I have been using this blend for a long time for pain relief and it works great. I get a little energy with the pain relief which is a blessing.

  4. Harold Walker

    Thank you folks for the best quality Red Bali powder anywhere. I really appreciate the ease in ordering and very speedy delivery. I’ve been a loyal customer for years now and will be for life, I’m sure.

  5. Alexander Wcislo

    Fan of T.E.T’s Bali for more than 3 years now. There’s no comparison out there.

  6. Harold Walker

    Quality products with fast shipping and real courtesy from your staff, THANKS EGT

  7. Harold Walker

    I thank you folks for top quality product, easy ordering and very prompt shipping. I have been a customer for 6 years now and never been disappointed.

  8. Harold Walker

    I’ve been a customer for a few years now and will be for many more to come. The quality of your products are second to none, honestly. The packaging and ease of ordering make my choice Evergreen Tree everytime Thanks

  9. Garry Puckett

    I usually take Red Maeng Da at the higher concentration of 3-4%. This product is one percent lighter, so instead of taking thirteen capsules I took twenty. The effects were exhilarating! It reminds me of what a speedball feels like, but not too stim heavy. I was able to read for nearly two hours after taking it, and it was quite enjoyable doing so, but then my vision blurred and i turned on the music and closed my eyes for the next three hours. This strain makes me particularly itchy when coming down.

  10. Naomi Clark

    Good product. Does the job!

  11. Dean Kackley

    My scoliosis gives me back pain almost continuously. I tried the red Bali powder several years ago. It settles the discomfort. When the pain wakes me at night, I take a tablespoon, then sit for a few minutes, rarely more than half hour, and I can sleep again. other varietals give different results, but for my pain and discomfort, I rely on Bali Red. P.s. I salute the customer services! Thanks, Chris, for your availability and help.

  12. Harold Walker

    Always quality products for years now. Absolutely friendly and professional customer service. I’m a customer for life. Thanks guys.

  13. Kristin Rupinski

    Wonderful product! Great quality and super fast shipping. Always a pleasure doing business with Evergreen Tree!

  14. Harold Walker

    I’ve been a customer for a long time now. The lab tested quality and absolutely professional packaging keeps me coming back. Thanks guys for all you do for me and all your customers.😀

  15. Dean 222

    Red Bali is my “go to” when experiencing soreness, anxiety or just need a good nights sleep. Very consistent quality!

  16. Kristin Rupinski

    Awesome product and superb quality every time. Very happy with all of my purchases!-KR

  17. Faye Dudley

    Best for pain control

  18. Joshua Jones

    This is the best quality kratom on the web!

  19. Harold Walker

    Quality product in containers that keep it fresh and easy access for mixing with my morning coffee. I’ve been a longtime customer and have never been disappointed with easy ordering, quality and fast shipping. Thank you folks for taking the edge off of Osteo-Arthritis my partner for life.

  20. Joshua Jones

    Quality product

  21. Melissa Farrar

    This is what we call our lifesaver! It helps ease anxiety and pain. Can’t live without it

  22. Faye Dudley

    this is the best strain for pain control

  23. Susan Reaves

    Good value for Bali Red vein since it is
    slightly enhanced, only a few percentage points
    but enough for me, as I only need three of these
    capsules for my ideal dose. Smooth and very
    pleasant. I’m quite satisfied. Thanks

  24. Katie Hert

    I received this Red Bali as a sample.
    I had never tried a red strain up until
    this time for fear it would put me to sleep (& my ultimate goal is energy due to ‘chronic fatigue’).
    So I tentatively tried it … wow!!!
    This Red Bali actually DID help with my energy!
    And interestingly at the same time it provided a calming affect (different than the green Maeng Da sample but just as evident) while also helping with my chronic pain!
    I had energy yet I felt calm.
    Amazing. No joke.
    Then after a couple hours I slept like a baby.
    So I know to take reds in the early evening
    I’ll have enough energy to chill with friends / family without pain or serious fatigue,
    then come bedtime: I’ll get my REM sleep.
    Gotta love all the colors!

  25. Audrey Wedell

    Works great for my chronic back pain.

  26. brandon Farrar

    Order was fast and on time! Love the products. Wish we got more samples or freebies to try!

  27. Erin Hert

    Received this as a ‘sample’ along with a couple others and as I am used to white I tentatively tried this… wow!!! I can’t believe I have been such a snob! I definitely need to reach out a bit!! This red Bali actually DID help with my energy; while providing a calming affect (different than the green Maeng Da sample but just as evident); while also helping with my chronic pain! Amazing. Just amazing. No joke.

  28. brandon Farrar

    The best for anxiety and pain

  29. Laura Toscano-Warncke

    This really helps with my back pain and enables me to do all the things I love to do like cooking and yoga. There is no way I could do these things without it.

  30. darkstar057

    Love this strain for pain relief and sleeping aid. One of the best reds I have tried…recommended

  31. Susan S Reaves

    Far and away the best red Bali I’ve gotten from any vendor. This 2.2-2.4% red Bali is perfect. Obviously stronger than my previous vendor’s capsules red Bali, as of course, it should be! Lovely. Usually take 5or 6 of other vendor’s caps, only use 3 of the 2.2 red bali caps……I use 4 of these for pain relief and sleep. Very euphoric as well which is why I like red Bali so much.
    Thanks, EverGreenTree, for offering such a superior product. 👍🏻🤗❤️

  32. Nicholas Saridakis

    Very authentic Red Bali in every way.. Comforting, euphoric and I haven’t slept better for months, although since buying Kratom from the evergreentree, I sleep 🛌 much better in general.. Thank you for these quality Strains!!

  33. Michael Eatmon

    This was great, one of my favorites, pan relieving and relaxing, you can absolutely count on TET to get the best Kratom available,

  34. alexandercre8

    Simply said “The Best you can get” best I ever had and I personally guarantee best you can find. 2.2 2.4 . I am going to tell you about my last interaction with this company. First off they called me to tell me that the postal box was a problem for my delivery and we worked it out and I got it the next day. Freaking awesome! This is a complete I want to work for. Couldn’t be happier. Love you EVERGREEN ?

  35. specialk

    I’m very pleased with Evergreen Tree. The Red Bali 1.8-2% Alkaloid was spot-on for end of day relaxation. The superior quality of the product and high level of customer service are excellent!

  36. Angela Dufresne

    My perfect go-to for pain! Super high quality, relaxing, right before bed. Kills a migraine fast!

  37. louie

    excellent red bali, just the right color, potent and good sedation/relaxing effects. will buy again

  38. Alexander

    My favorite by far. I recently switched to the evergreen ? thinking that they would not be able to match my 3year long vendor who had run out for a long period of time. But I was very pleasantly shown I had waited too long to look for another vendor who seemingly is in business in the same city of las Vagas. Small world.

  39. Carissa Holder

    This is the best Bali I have ever had! The 1.8% is just what I need for optimal results and I only needed half of my normal dose. Will definitely purchase regularly!!

  40. Mitch

    I bought 100g of the 1.5-1.7% just to try it out and wow, I am so happy with how it works that I’m ordering more right now.

  41. Jenn

    This strain is amazing, it’s my new favorite. It’s perfect for helping with my Crohn’s pain. Calming but doesnt make you too sleepy.

  42. Sharon Boen

    My first purchase with Evergreen. Kicks in fast and provides great relaxation and excellent pain relief. I will not be returning to previous vendors. Love this strain!

  43. Matthew Sexton

    Very clean product. Puts me into the relaxation mood that I need

  44. Evening Hartman

    Although I am new to Kratom, this is the best I have had and I will be back for more; I plan to purchase other items, too. The customer service is GREAT as well! I highly recommend this place and I am so glad I found it!!

  45. humbles.anthony90

    Best red I’ve ever had! Will be coming back!

  46. Andrew Allred

    Got 500mg of 1.8 to 2.0% and I’m literally stunned! The quality is the best I’ve ever had! And since I can get a higher Mitra level I only take half as much as other brands I’ve tried.

  47. tmreaves0528

    Tried my sample pack of red Bali! It was very good, very relaxing! Wished I would have had more! Will definitely buy again and recommend to all my Kratom friends!

  48. jerry b

    the evergreen tree’s red bali’s quality is most consistent, always does good for back pain.

  49. Shannon

    best red bali i have got,good sedation and relaxing effects. it is hard to find red vein this good. have you guys noticed the the kratom quality is getting worse everywhere? this company still has good kratom though, appreciate the consistence very much.

  50. lou

    i always use red bali, to relive my joint pain. the 1.8% is excellent! never get this kind of quality elsewhere

  51. Beau

    red bali 1.8% is the best i have ever got, and you usually can’t find it else where with this potent red strain.

  52. Gulby

    this is my strain always, 2kg at a time, last me for a month, never disappoints me. next time i will try the 1.8%.

  53. Satchel

    very good red , will come back.

  54. Dandillinger

    Really euphoric with great pain relief and mild energy.

  55. Nachami

    Excellent! Red Bali is great for relaxing. It’s effects were quick and helps tremendously with my lower back pain. I highly recommend this .

  56. Abby

    i am very satisfied with the quality of kratom and packaging, and service. thank you guys!

  57. Bree

    my favorite red strain, very good

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