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Lab Testing

We understand that the kratom lab testing is most important thing in kratom business. We at the evergree tree, put the public health issue number one of our priority.  Everyone deserves to have a product that is lab tested, free of contamination, free of heavy metals. And of course, also the quality of the products, the ingredient of the kratom, the percentage of Alkaloids. See About Us. To ensure our product safety and quality, we test every batch of our incoming kratom. And retest them whenever there is a reasonable concern. We are posting our lab testing results here regularily to gain the public confidence. Every buyer is ensured that he/she will have the safe product.

We do 3 types of kratom lab testing:

  • Biological : about APC/Coliforms, Samonella, E. coli, Staphylococcus and Yeast/Mold
  • Heavy Metal: about Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury and Nickel
  • Identify/Quauntify: about Alkaloid/Lactone identification, Alkaloid/Kavalactone Percentage, and Alkaloid/Lactone Lineup

Nickel level explained:

First of all, according to WebMD, daily dose of less than 1 mg of nickel is safe, unless you have specific medical conditions. There are people taking nickel as supplement. And 4000 ppb means 0.004 mg in one gram. See conversion HERE. So, there is less than 1 mg of nickel in 250 grams of our kratom. Recent FDA news event alerting public of kratom containing high nickel is based on a false assumption that people consuming more than 250 grams of kratom daily for long term. This new FDA imposed testing standard on nickel is quite misleading.

Alkaloid Level explained:

According to Wonderland lab, which specialized in kratom testing, and have tested tens of thousands of samples, the average alkaloid level of kratom powder on US market from Indonesia, is around 1.3%. Only 2 out of 100, tested at 1.8%, and 10 out of 100 tested at 1.6%. Our kratom is tested at 1.63%, certainly way above average. Some vendors claim that their kratom contains 2%, or even 2.5% of alkaloid, is simply a lie. Buyers need to ask for 3rd party test certificate with lab seal to verify, not some self claim and self made document without lab seal. Anything above 2%, could be an enhanced material. And buyers prefer higher concentration of alkaloid need to buy enhanced kratom or extracts. Natural powder just simply do not contain this high of alkaloid.
 kratom ID Test Certificate: Alkaloid Percentage
kratom Bio Test Certificate
Kratom Heavy Metal Test Certificate
CBD isolates: certificate of analysis
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