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So glad that I found this site. I have been using kratom, to be exact, red bali for my back pain for many years. I always make tea with the powder every day, and that helps a lot. I used to buy Kratom from many different vendors, for cheap to expensive, small amount package to 5 kilo package, but I have not found a vendor that I would definitely stick with.

Some times have some problems or something I don’t like from one vendor to the other. Number one thing is the consistency of the product. from some vendors just every time it is different, I mean, not just the color, I understand the color may vary a little. but the quality and the packaging. most vendors use bags to pack, sometimes they are double bag, sometimes they are single bag. When I receive them, the stuff just look nasty.

I make a mess when I open those bags, powder all over the place. NOT any more, man!, they are the men! they packed powder product in a canister, what a great idea! I started with ordering a small size 100 gram to try, and the small jar looked so cute. No mess, no fuss; you just open the jar, lift the liner, and scoop the powder out and close it again until next time. the best packaging I have ever experienced from a Kratom vendor.

Now ordering 1 kilo at a time and their powder quality is good too, I have bought 4 times now, each time getting exactly the same quality stuff, as expected. shipping is fast too. I think I finally have found the Kratom vendor I like to stick with. Just about everything they do, I like it. Thanks guys, keep it up!

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  • joey


    i like the info a lot, very educational. thank you!


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